Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On The Fence...

And I'm not speaking figuratively, as you can see. We live on the "back 40" of my dad's farm and are so fortunate to be surrounded by REAL farm animals, as my dad raises sheep and chickens for fun. There are also a huge flock of wild turkeys, the occasional raccoon or coyote, and plenty of deer to be seen on a daily basis. It is a fantastic place to raise a little boy, and he and I spend the majority of our time outside exploring the farm. Yes, it does make for more laundry and MANY more trips to the bathroom to wash our hands, but it is so fun I hardly even notice. (Having three younger brothers I already knew that little boys are supposed to get dirty!) This is one of Moses' new favorite locations: perched on the fence along the driveway on the lookout for turkeys. He does a pretty darn realistic turkey call, too!

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