Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Picture

Well, it's that time of year when I go through the last 11 months of pictures and realize that we don't have a single family picture suitable for the front of a Christmas card. So I make a spur-of-the-moment decision to take a family picture RIGHT NOW, herd everyone outside, set up my camera on the rickety old fence, and hope for the best.

After about 20 shots of Moses grabbing his brother by the right eyeball, we decided to change locations (and I began to wonder why I hadn't done my hair or even thought about what I was wearing).

The change of location necessitated the grabbing of at least one chicken to add interest to the photo, which, of course, took long enough that Titus became hungry and cold, and the sun started to go down.

Chickens, it turns out, are slippery.

Perhaps a better idea would be to put the chickens in the background of the shot and get two much less annoying and unpredictable animals to add interest to the picture . We quickly scrapped that idea when we realized that dogs have no idea what "look at the camera" means (or apparently, "sit" or "stay,") and that Bentley looks like a terrifying underworld beast on film.

So, the Christmas card is still in the works. Maybe we'll try again this afternoon...


Kate said...

Moses looks very proud that he has conquered the "terrifying underworld beast" in that last picture! Can't wait to see the final pic!

Anonymous said...

Bentley is freaking huge!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I love that first one and would totally use it for a card if it were my family! It's reality, hilarious, and would be the talk of all your friends. (plus you look fabulous and isn't that the most important thing?!) ~emgray

Jen Mc. said...

That is hilarious! Keefe loved seeing Moses with the chicken! :) Elle just said, "Can I look at Moses, not Titus?" (No offense to Titus...just that young love dies hard).