Monday, March 26, 2012

Scrappy Quilt

Last night I finished my Scrap Attack quilt and I'm pleasantly surprised with the results. I'm glad I restricted myself to a color palette rather than using every scrap I had - I tried to stay with blues and pinks with gray and turquoise thrown in here and there. It's funny - I would never say that pink and purple are favorite colors of mine, but this is the second quilt I've made that has those as the main colors. I'm super excited to get this quilted and bound - I'm already having so much fun looking at the tiny scraps of different fabrics hiding throughout. The only part of the quilt that isn't made from scraps is the gray sashing - everything else was taken from my (still overflowing) scrap drawer. I've submitted this quilt front to Rachel's Festival of Scrappiness - and you absolutely MUST visit to see some of the amazing works of art people have made from fabric scraps. It is all very inspiring - thanks for a reason to use up so many of my scraps Rachel!

P.S. Do you see my purple Hyacinth at the bottom of the picture? I couldn't bear to crop her out - this is the first year I've planted bulbs and these are so beautiful and fragrant - they remind me of my childhood springs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hexagon Progress

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been diddling around with various sewing projects, with a mind to actually finishing one of the ones that's been hanging around for a while. Most recently I hit 60 hexagon flowers and decided that was enough. While figuring out how to lay them out I just couldn't resist doing it by color - my mind just seems to work that way. I've made quite a few quits that started out with the intention of being scrappy and showing that I am a free spirit. Every one has instead betrayed my type-a-ness by blending from light yellow to dark brown. This will be another one of those. :)

I've decided to intersperse these colorful flowers with neutral flowers in Kona White with centers made from Robert Kauffman's Quilters Linen in dark gray. It looks like linen but is cotton - nice and easy to work with. So I'm back to paper piecing hexagons which is so fun - I love that popping sound of the needle poking through the paper.

I also have big plans to crank out my Scrappy Quilt for Rachel's Quilt Along. It needs to be finished by next week and I have a few evenings to myself coming up - fingers crossed that this will actually happen. If it does I will have some pictures to show you some time soon.