Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hexagon Progress

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been diddling around with various sewing projects, with a mind to actually finishing one of the ones that's been hanging around for a while. Most recently I hit 60 hexagon flowers and decided that was enough. While figuring out how to lay them out I just couldn't resist doing it by color - my mind just seems to work that way. I've made quite a few quits that started out with the intention of being scrappy and showing that I am a free spirit. Every one has instead betrayed my type-a-ness by blending from light yellow to dark brown. This will be another one of those. :)

I've decided to intersperse these colorful flowers with neutral flowers in Kona White with centers made from Robert Kauffman's Quilters Linen in dark gray. It looks like linen but is cotton - nice and easy to work with. So I'm back to paper piecing hexagons which is so fun - I love that popping sound of the needle poking through the paper.

I also have big plans to crank out my Scrappy Quilt for Rachel's Quilt Along. It needs to be finished by next week and I have a few evenings to myself coming up - fingers crossed that this will actually happen. If it does I will have some pictures to show you some time soon.

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