Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seriously, all this testosterone is getting to me...

The other day, my brother placed a special order for a "man blanket," specifically requesting "anything with tanks or ninjas." Well, the best I could come up with was dragons, and this is how it turned out. It's actually really cool, and despite my initial qualms about using a fabric that my son is scared of ("Don't show me that dragon, mommy!"), I think it's recipient will really enjoy it (or at least his mom will!).

I can't say this is anything new. In fact, the pink flowery theme of my shop is really some sort of reaction formation (you know what I mean Amy) to the fact that I grew up with 3 brothers, refused to wear dresses, and played either "tame the wild wolves" or "lets-pretend-someone-is-breaking-into-the-house-and-we-have-to-beat-him-up" with the neighbor kids. I guess I came into my girliness pretty late in life. Needless to say, between making the scary man blanket and planning the Delta Force 30'th anniversary, this week has been pretty much like the rest of my life - filled with boy stuff.

I can't WAIT to get back to my mountains of pink flowery fabric! In fact, this just came in the mail:

It isn't pink or flowery, but it is for a girl, and the last time I checked, boys don't place special orders for throw quilts that match their drapes. :)


matteopotato said...

I love that dragon fabric! I had it in a different colorway on my Babyhawk carrier- it's so cool! I'm totally drowning in testosterone too- sometimes I forget that *I* am a girl and can wear pink and paint my toenails and stuff.

Jen Mc. said...

Very cool! And you KNOW we will want to see at least one good representative picture from the Delta Force bash! :)