Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sampler: complete!

I finished my first hand-quilted project: the sampler I showed a snippet of the other week. This is really little, less than 12 inches square, but was the perfect size for practicing on. I think the end result is pretty charming - it looked really cute under my vase of Valentine's Day flowers. I used embroidery floss to do the quilting because I have a ton of it on hand in every color imaginable. I checked out some pearl cottons the other day and can see how working with those would make the quilting MUCH easier. "Popping the knot through the first layer of fabric" looks like an easier feat with the pearls. I created quite a few snags and weird pulls with all my knot popping disasters. And then I machine-bound it in a hurry, which resulted in a less-than-perfect binding, another thing that drives me nuts. But again, imperfection is good practice for me - it goes against my nature in what is probably a good way.

Now this imperfect charming little quilt is on its way to some dear friends - a house full of girls who I know have tea parties and pink bedrooms and all those things this quilt deserves but I cannot give. Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

Darling! your creativity and perseverance amazed me! keep it up.

Jen Mc. said...

THIS HOUSEHOLD LOVES THIS QUILT!!! Elle immediately laid her claim, though Madison loves it, too! It is absolutely charming. When not fought over, I like to have it on our little table in the living room. It would make such a cute wall-hanging in their room, but then I wouldn't see it as often! :) We are so blessed by your talents, thank you sweet friend!!!