Thursday, November 15, 2007

Golden Gate Park

Last weekend (I know, I know, that's already 6 days ago... I'm such a blog procrastinator) we went to Golden Gate park in San Francisco and it was FANTASTIC! Even though it was raining and we were all freezing, the playground was so much fun it was worth it. Moses' favorite part was the carousel which he's read about in books but had never seen in person yet. He now tells everyone we see that he rode a "huge kitty cat up and down."

Can you see the fantastic playground in the background of this second picture? Seriously, if you have kids (or are just a kid at heart) and are ever in the San Francisco area you MUST go to this park - it is so fun! The icing on top of the cake of this trip was that I finished a knitting project in the car on the way home. A pretty productive weekend. :)


Jen Mc. said...

While I got nothing productive done on the way home besides a tiny bit of reading, we totally loved your GG park suggestion and had the best time! Isn't it fun when the dads are bigger kids than the kids? Keefe wasn't too sure about that carrousel, but no one will ever know- at the end, I asked him to smile for a pic and he actually did!!

Rio Oso Designs said...

I really want to make it to GG Park some day. We have a 14 year old, but I guess you're never too old to enjoy things like that, right? I mean, it's practically around the corner from us, so why not? We've made it to the Bridge several times, but not to the park.