Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree!

It was a VERY busy weekend, between two Thanksgivings and our nephew's birthday party, but I think this was the hilight. We drove up to the Santa Cruz mountains and cut down a Christmas tree. There are a lot of tree farms to choose from, and we ended up following signs to the very same tree farm that I used to go to as a kid with my family. (For anyone in the area, it is called Stagecoach Christmas Tree Farm and it is fantastic!) Moses had a blast wandering around in the "forest," telling us which tree to cut down ("that one, that one, that one!" as he points in all different directions), and petting the farm dog Lady, who was all decked out with a jingle bell on her collar, and who I remember from when I was a little girl.

After cutting down the tree, we headed into downtown Los Gatos for their street market, where we got crepes that we ate in the park. It was a fantastic outing and now our house smells like Christmas.


Quilt Baby said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous little family you have!!!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

What a cute family!