Thursday, July 10, 2008

I should have been a pioneer

These scraps fell out of the scrap basket in a big heap and I immediately realized that they had to be sewn together into ... something. They were really tiny scraps - I can never bring myself to throw even the smallest scrap of fabric away. I always start thinking about the Little House on the Prairie books, where the women would remake their dresses inside-out to mask the wearing out of the "calico" and then, after the other side of the fabric wore out, would make the old dress into a quilt. Fabric is precious!
So I did a lot of cutting, sewing, and ironing, and this is what those scraps turned into:

They smell so good!!! I just finished listing them in the shop.

Also, if you are looking for a quick and fantastic sewing project, hop on over to sewmommysew's blog for a great maternity skirt tutorial. I definitely plan on making one of these for myself... I'm in major need of some cute warm-weather maternity clothes!


* Amanda * said...

What a great job you did! I also have tons of scraps but wouldn't have any thoughts on what to do with them! : )

brightonEarly said...

Beautiful! I can already tell I'm going to love reading your blog. Mind if I add you to my blogroll?


ayumills said...

Very Cute Sachet!! What a great idea to use up tiny scrap fabrics! I agree that fabric is so precious that it's so hard to get rid of it even when it's a tiny piece.

Becca Nelson said...

Love these! They are so beautiful!

I found your blog through the etsy forums. Love it! I love your beautiful projects. You've got a great shop.

Good luck with your blog and your shop!

subu said...

those look great! love the fabrics.