Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look What My Man Can Do... Part 2

I haven't bragged about my husband for a while, so I figured this earned him some blog time. Look what he built!!! We desperately needed a better way to store toys - the three overflowing baskets in the middle of the living room weren't cutting it any more. So he built this awesome toy chest out of REAL wood - it's nice and solid and sure to stand up to years and years in the boys' room.

We couldn't decide whether to stain it or paint it, so Brett came up with the idea of staining the top piece of wood and painting the rest. I LOVE the way it looks! He definitely gave Pottery Barn a run for their money on this one. The best part is that he built it entirely out of wood that has been lying around in the barn. The only thing he bought was the paint.

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John and Kate said...

Beautiful woodworking Brett! Maybe you should start an etsy page too! :)