Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Therapy

Well, not completely free. This hour of crafting (while both boys were napping!!!) came at the price of a messy kitchen, which I probably should have been cleaning instead. But it felt SO good to be making something again, even if I didn't get any sewing done. Just digging into my huge pile of fabric scraps, putting together some fun combinations, and cutting it all out did wonders for my state of mind.
LinkI've almost sold out of the coasters in my shop, so I decided to make another batch. Those are so fun to make because I feel like I can put together all kinds of crazy fabric combinations and get away with it because it's on such a small scale. Oh, and I also snuck in a bit of shopping for new fabric... there is a LOT of gorgeous new stuff out there! So I make you no promises, but I hope to have some new items in the shop soon... I hear there are a lot of babies in the works. :)

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Anonymous said...

hi, I love your choices of color! It is all so cheery. Yep, I know how you feel about sitting down and actually creating something! much more fun than cleaning a kitchen! Hang in there....you are never a bad mom...there are just some unhappy moments! Hang in there...and keep creating! Hugs,