Thursday, January 22, 2009


My brother Daniel found this fabric while cleaning out my parents' basement and it brought back so many memories! These scraps are left over from the Cabbage Patch doll clothes my mom made for me one Christmas. I remember being so impressed by the fact that she was able to make REAL clothes (albeit in miniature) using fabric and a sewing machine. She made a fur coat, which she lined, and a Hawaiian mumu, among other things. So cool! I think that was the first time I got excited about sewing - seeing that I could possibly make something even better than the things in the store made me excited to learn more. I'm hoping Daniel keeps cleaning and finds the actual doll clothes she made - they were so cute!


Brighton Early said...

oh my goodness! My favorite fabric I've ever used came from my great grandmother's garage sale.

Mandy and Seth said...

i've also been cleaning out my dad's attic and finding a ton of treasures too! such great early 80's fabric buried deep away. also found some fabulous jeans my mom had patched about 100 times. score!

:) said...

I have a ton of fabric from my mom's sewing cabinet...some of it I'm guessing was from even before I was born since it's so outdated. But still exciting to have! It's fun to hear your stories since they're so similar to mine and Mandy's. :)