Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, Happy Quilting Day

In the midst of a very long week (wait - is it only Wednesday?!!?) of fevers and boogers and a hopelessly messy house, the EMS truck pulled up the driveway today carrying something to brighten my day. Something exciting for me from Japan!

To date I've kept myself from buying any Japanese fabric because I knew once I did I would add some serious fuel to my fabric addiction. But it's all over now - I'm hooked.

This fabric is so gorgeous and it came packaged so beautifully! It was folded up and placed in a cellophane envelope, sealed with a tiny piece of very Japanese-looking red and white tape. When I opened it, a tiny knotted piece of silk cording fell out with it. That just put me over the top. This had obviously been packaged with great care by someone who loves all things beautiful. And all the way from the other side of the world! I'm still surprised that such a small gesture could have such a big effect on me, but I've been smiling about it all day.

The fabric is for a very exciting special order quilt I'm working on. Above is a collage I put together of the fabrics I'll be using - it's going to be so great! I had a blast working with the customer to choose these fabrics. I already know this one is going to be hard to ship out - I'm attached already!

P.S. For your own fabulous Japanese fabric-buying experience, go here.

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Amy Q. said...

I'm such a sucker for Japanese fabrics too!!! I just love the simple designs!