Monday, August 24, 2009

Curtains: Check! Blog Guilt: Check!

I finally got the curtains up in Moses' room! I used bed sheets again and saved myself a fortune. However, I ended up buying a curtain rod that was too short, which I only realized after drilling all the hanging majigs (yes, it's a real word) into the wall. So I spent the money I saved on the actual curtains on a long piece of doweling and white paint in order to make a new rod. Sheesh. But they look great - it's pretty amazing what a simple set of curtains can do for a room.

In other news, I am totally suffering from blog guilt. I can't believe the total lack of interesting posts I've been turning out lately. That is not to say that there is nothing blog-worthy happening around here. In fact, there are about 17 things I could turn into awesome posts if the title of this blog was "The Raunchy and Embarrassing Adventures of Junie None." Lots of hilarious things have been happening, but they all involve unmentionable parts of the human anatomy or scary pictures of vermin... I mean, let's face it: I live on a farm with a bunch of boys. I know some of you are saying "bring it on - I can handle it!" but I always come back to the fact that people who read this might buy a blanket from me. I don't want them to think I'm a complete heathen and spend their money elsewhere, so I keep my mouth shut.

In fact, speaking of you people-who-might-buy-a-blanket-from-me-someday, I will also blame you for the lack of truth that has been conveyed in this blog lately. When I started this documentary of my life, I had been faithfully reading such blogs as this and this, both of which are full of lovely pictures of the serene homes of two super-moms and full of all the wonderful things they do with their kids etc. I thought - I want my blog to look like that! But it is just not possible. The picture of Moses' curtains at the start of this post is cropped that way so you won't see the enormous pile of toys and clothes that the curtains are dangling onto. This picture of my to do list is taken that way so you won't see such chores as "wash duck poop and algae off sliding glass door" and "Locate dead animal in pantry." See - all this time you thought I was some sort of artsy photographer, when really I'm just being sneaky. Oh, and remember this lovely post about our trip to Lake Tahoe? What I failed to mention, and what would have made it much more fun to read, is the fact that less than 3 hours into our stay, and while Titus was attached to my boob, no less, I accidentally ripped the $700 shades right off the enormous window in our bedroom. Why didn't I tell you that? Well, first of all I'm still a little perplexed as to how the whole thing happened, but mainly I didn't tell you because I don't want you to know I am a complete spaz. I don't want all you potential customers to know that, though I can make a mean quilt, Brett and I sleep on a couch bed because our house is too small to fit an adult bed in it, and yesterday we held a mini celebration because my brother shot 7 ground squirrels using only 9 bullets to do it.

So now you know. And hopefully, even if I've scared you off of ever buying a blanket from me, I've made you feel a little bit better about yourself. (Write an interesting post: check!)


Jen Mc. said...

Just keep this post verbatim for your future book, okay? I read (select parts) aloud to Kevin b/c it was so funny!!

Suzanne said...

Wow, it is a good thing I already bought a blanket from you, because I don't know after all this revelation of spazz-ery...

I kid. I am equally as spazzy. But I think you knew that about me. =)