Friday, August 7, 2009

Lake Tahoe

Last weekend we were invited by my brother-in-law's fiancé to spend the weekend at her house in Lake Tahoe. It was lovely! Plus it brought back tons of fun memories for me, since we used to spend a week there every year when I was a kid.

Highlights of the trip included seeing a bear foraging for food right outside the house in the early morning hours, Moses going on his first river rafting trip (no rapids, of course), somehow convincing Uncle Aaron to play Scrabble and then losing to him, and playing on the beach which is made of rocks. Do you know how much easier it is to come home from a trip to a rock beach? No sand on or in anything. Awesome.

Here is a weird picture of the view from our window that does no justice to how beautiful it was in the mornings.

Our Tahoe trip concluded our string of weekends away, and it is nice to know we'll be home for a while. Still busy - my brother's wedding is 3 weeks away and there is a LOT to be done! I'm hoping to get some sewing done for the shop, but I have a few home projects I need to take care of, and then there is Daniel and Cindy's wedding present...

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