Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Father-Son Camp out

Last weekend Brett and Moses went on their annual father-son camping trip with our friends Drew, Ian, and Kellar. (Titus is still too little so he got to stay at home with me.) They went to Kennedy Meadows, which is where Brett and his dad went for all their camping trips when Brett was a kid. They had a wonderful time with lots of adventures. Here they are with the fish Moses caught using the grasshopper that he also caught by trapping it with Daddy's hat. Pretty dang cool (all those Man vs. Wild episodes seem to have paid off...)

And this is what they woke up to the final day - snow! Luckily they were staying in a "sleeper cabin" rather than tents - that might have been a bit too extreme for two 3 year olds and a five year old! Moses was thrilled; snow is absolutely his favorite thing on earth and he got to play in it for hours before packing up to drive home.

Titus and I are really glad to have them home and it was fun hearing all their stories. This coming weekend Titus and I are taking an adventure of our own - we'll be going to Hungry Horse, Montana to visit my Grandma. Any tips on flying with an 11 month old? Seriously - I need all the help I can get!

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Suzanne said...

Wow... snow! That seems early and impossible! (I'm not ready for all of that yet.)

Looks like manly fun! Glad they had fun.