Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toy Exchange

Here's a fun, earth-friendly, easy-on-the-budget, wonderful thing to do with your friends: have a toy exchange! I recently did this with the other moms in my Bible study and it was awesome! We each brought a few toys in good condition that our kids don't play with any more. Of course, as soon you decide upon the perfect toy that your kids won't miss, they will fall in love with it again, so the best strategy is to squirrel the unloved toys away after kids are in bed. We compiled all the toys, drew numbers, and took turns picking out "new" ones. I suppose you could do this White Elephant style, too, which would make things a bit more exciting. Having the kids there would make things more exciting too, but probably in a different way. We opted to do it sans kids. I'm wrapping up our "new" toys and putting them under the tree for Titus and don't feel a bit guilty about it - he doesn't care that they were free!

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PJ said...

How fun! So sorry I missed it :(