Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend Away

How was your fourth of July? We celebrated by taking a REAL weekend away - as in: we left on Friday morning and got home on Monday night. We spent most of our time with Brett's parents in Twain Harte, and then took a day trip to Kennedy Meadows on Monday. Brett has many fond memories of camping there as a kid wanted me to see the setting to so many of his stories. It was breathtaking! We parked at the "lower meadow" and hiked a short distance to the "upper meadow" and spent the day along the river fishing, eating a picnic lunch, playing in the water, chasing butterflies, and basically marveling in the vastness of God's creation. These pictures don't portray how HUGE everything was - I honestly felt dwarfed.

Brett and Moses took a log ride down the river - definitely a highlight of the excursion!

Titus spent a lot of time playing with the "tiny rocks" along the edge of the river. I thought it was funny that he wasn't very interested in the big rocks but was thrilled by the small ones - the tinier the better.
Here is my father-in-law fishing in the river - this picture sort of captures how small we were in comparison to the mountains, water, trees ... everything. It was awesome! I definitely recommend taking a trip to Kennedy Meadows. It is very doable with kids and well worth the drive. (You can also rent little sleeper cabins at the lower meadow if you want to stay for a few nights. Again - it would be worth the money!) I hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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