Thursday, July 1, 2010

Speechless (but I won't let that stop me!)

I have tried writing a post to match this picture for a long time now. I type something, delete it, think ... type something else, delete it. Sometimes blogs feel so narcissistic. I wish I had something wonderful to offer you in this post. Maybe a cool craft idea to do with your kids or a great money saving trip you could take or some decorating or fashion advice (snort)... but that is where I am a poor blogger. I don't do my homework and just rely on my life to entertain you. And since I stayed up WAY too late chatting it up with my gals over pie and coffee last night, I can't even think of anything funny or even gross (there's a first) to tell you about. But I did take this picture a few days ago - raspberries picked from our garden in a bowl hand made by our neighbor sitting in the rose bush. The colors and lighting remind me of Bali (and THAT reminds me of a few stories I could tell you ... but I'll save them for a different time). Have a happy summer weekend everybody!

** Addendum: our neighbor wasn't sitting in the rose bush when he made the bowl... the bowl is sitting in the rose bush as it holds the raspberries. Sheesh.

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Mmmm, Bali. I want to hear stories about Bali...
(also, I figured your neighbor wasn't in the rosebush when he made the bowl. but thank you for the clarification.)