Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Picking

Yesterday I had a bout of guilt over not "doing anything" yet with the boys for summer. We haven't taken any special trips or done anything away from home beyond playing at the park. Of course, at this point it was too late in the day to schedule anything, so I decided we would spend the afternoon picking flowers. Moses loved it - I knew he would. Titus HATED it - that wasn't a big surprise either. But he had fun stepping on snails and trying to drink bubble juice while Moses and I gathered and arranged flowers.

It was so sweet to see Moses surrounded by flowers he had picked from the farm, getting his bouquet just right, then coming inside and choosing the perfect spot to put it. It is on his book shelf, up very high so baby brother doesn't try to drink the water out of the vase. We admired it for a bit, took some pictures of it ... then played dinosaurs, during which there was much eating of other animals and other such bloody violence. We are such a well-rounded family. :)

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