Monday, June 21, 2010


On Saturday we went to our friend Lindsay's wedding and it was fantastic! First of all, her dress was to die for - it had YELLOW in it (well, probably it would qualify as gold, but whatever color it was, it looked gorgeous)! I wish I had a picture of the back - it was laced down the back corset-style with a wide yellow/gold ribbon. Amazing! He wore red Converse All Stars (very cool) and their wedding favors were jars of home-made salsa. You can't get much better than that. They are such a great couple and we're so happy we got to celebrate their marriage with them.

Of course, the reception was a blast. It doesn't take much to entertain Brett and I, and this went over the top. This was the first wedding reception I've ever been to where they had a cigar area for the men (I'm sure women could have gone too, but none did), complete with boxes of cigars. We danced for hours with all of our friends ... a pretty wonderful evening. Oh, and I didn't even have to buy a dress! I borrowed this fantastic blue number from Lisa, the hottie on the far right in this last picture. Congratulations Lindsay and Gabe!

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