Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Talk Shop

I've put another few garlands in the shop. I finally forced myself to cut into the gorgeous yard of Japanese fabric I bought a long time ago for a custom order. This stuff is so silky and beautiful I was tempted to horde it away, but it looked so perfect with the unbleached muslin that I couldn't help myself. There are two of these garlands in the shop, one more to come.

I tried taking some "better" garland pictures this time, but may not have succeeded. I wish I had a well-lit area in my house to show you how adorable these look hung over a window or doorway. Maybe I'll borrow someone else's cute house to take those pictures...

Here is what it looks like hanging on something... not that you would hang this in your back yard on a tree. (On a side note, this Japanese Maple tree grew from a tiny sprout Brett pulled out of his parents' yard. Pretty awesome.) Brett is going out for some "man time" with a buddy tonight, which leaves me with hours of guilt-free sewing time. Hopefully I'll finish up that last garland and have a few cute bibs to show you soon. Happy Monday everybody!

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Jen Mc. said...

Adorable! These are such a creative idea!