Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Half Birthday

What - you don't celebrate your half birthday? Well, your real birthday must not be 7 days before Christmas. Perhaps your real birthday is in the summer, and you have two exciting events to look forward to throughout the year: your birthday and Christmas, rather than the two just blending together. Your real birthday party has probably never been rained out or held in the dark even though it is only 4 pm. Your piƱata candy probably hasn't fallen into a puddle of rain water. You have probably never had the Noro Virus during your real birthday party because your party is not held at the peak of flu season. If you had experienced these real birthday woes, you would definitely have started celebrating your half birthday by now.

Just in case you decide to start, I have to tell you that no half birthday celebration is complete without half of a birthday cake and 4 1/2 candles (or however old you are). Oh, and a kite from your Aunt Cindy makes things even better. Just in case you decide to start. :)


PJ said...

I lOVE the idea of a half birthday! Mine runs into Thanksgiving -- usually no one would come to my party b/c they were out of town ... or we had it 3 weeks early; that's no fun either! Since Adam's is right before mine, I had actually thought about doing a half birthday for him. BUT he gets Welcome Home Day in July and Forever Family Day in May so I think he's set for celebrations ... maybe for me, though???? tee hee! j/k :)

Heather said...

Pamela, I've told Brett I want a half birthday too! Titus' b-day is 2 days before mine and steals all my thunder... I think we're definitely on to something here!

Suzanne said...

As long as it's not half of a kite... cuz that might be kind of a downer.

We intend to do the half-birthday for Deacon (Dec 22) as he gets older.