Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last night I was cutting fabric for my next quilt, and happened upon this treasure amongst my vintage stash (all of which is from my Grandma). In the bottom corner of a huge 5 yard piece of fabric, she had cross-stitched her name in bright red. I just love it. I can picture her getting ready to put the fabric away, seeing the bright red thread, and feeling like it just needed to be put onto the dark blue. I'm sure she free-handed this, too, since she was such an expert stitcher. Little things like this are so special to me - it is like owning a tiny piece of private crafting history. Nothing flashy - just a simple little bit of stitchery she did for herself. I wonder when she did this and what was going on around her as she took the time to pull each stitch through. Were kids clamoring for her attention? Was dinner waiting to be started? Was she listening to her favorite music on the radio? It is like this little red Marie bonds me closer to her, since I have done little things like this from time to time as well. Those short moments you steal for yourself to make something just for you.

I just returned from a last-minute and very short trip to Montana to visit Grandma Marie. They say "getting old is not for sissies," and boy is that true. I came home so happy to have seen her and blessed by the beauty she surrounds herself with, and also a bit sad. It is hard to see people we love suffer. Thank goodness this life is just a little precursor! Of course, she sent me home with a gigantic bin of beautiful yarn - her hands will no longer allow her to knit, but she is more than happy to pass on her stash to her protegée. I didn't take many pictures, though you can see some here from my last trip. I did snap this shot of Grandma's dog Anna's little breakfast nook. Uncle Brian has painted her a whole forest scape to look at while she eats, and a little wooden fisherman stands by to watch. It makes me smile. Happy sewing!

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Priceless! What a treasure. ~emgray