Monday, September 12, 2011

Lots of Little Guys

The other day Titus was admiring a scrap of Japanese fabric I've had lying around - he was pointing out all the "little guys" that he liked best, and I had the idea to make him a little pillow out of them. The idea came from Amy's blog - have you ever visited? She makes the most beautiful things and has such a great style. She made a similar wall hanging a while back and her resourceful use of tiny scraps of fabric has been stuck in my head. Plus, the opportunity to do a little sewing project during daylight hours was pretty exciting. This is how I made it work:

Playdough and a temporary remission of the "no sitting on the table" rule made this project run very smoothly! I cut out all Titus' favorite "little guys" and interspersed them with some other cute fabrics, then hand quilted the entire thing using embroidery floss. I embroidered the first few lines of "Jesus Loves Me" around the outside, that being one of his favorite songs. I used shredded foam to stuff it with - not the most earth-friendly option, but I had a big bag lying around and I like the firmness it gave to the finished pillow. Titus is VERY happy with the end result!

Here's a shot of his special little space. (Have you ever tried getting a good picture of a bottom bunk bed? The lighting is a nightmare.) I made him the quilt last Christmas and the animals are a funny collection of other little guys he has picked up along the way. The framed picture is a painting of a bulldozer he made with his Aunt Cindy. I like that he has a little cheery place that he doesn't have to share with anybody else except all those cute animals.

Now I need to make one for Moses. And finish the quilt I started for him, um, 4 years ago. As soon as September hits I get the itch to make ALL of our Christmas presents, so I have an almost endless list of sewing and knitting projects I want to do. Hopefully some of them will actually happen and I'll be able to document them on the blog. Until then, I'll keep going into Titus' room and smiling at his little pillow. It really was a fun project.

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Jen Mc. said...

That is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!! Love it!