Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tiny Little Bunting

Last night I sat to down with the need for some instant crafting gratification - I needed to start and finish something before bed time. I came up with these. They might look familiar - I made some of these banners for the boys' room a while back. These are the Christmas version. Until a few years ago I wasn't into decorating for Christmas - it felt more like a hassle than anything else. I mean, red and green? Does that mean I have to change out all my throw pillows and hide the orange quilt until New Year's? I always ended up stressed out. More recently I've been seeing holiday decorations that work for me - simple, modern, small things that add a tiny twinkle of festivity to a home that is already settled. That's how I like to think of this bunting - it is little and easy to hang, and won't be too obtrusive wherever it's hung. I'm keeping some for myself and putting more in the shop. I hope you like them!