Friday, January 4, 2008


This is the view from my kitchen window. Normally there isn't a blue mattress smack in the middle of this view, but we're having a serious storm and that blew in some time this morning. The pond you see was actually almost empty yesterday, and has been filling up steadily since it started raining last night. Pretty wild for California standards - the news said we're having "hurricane force winds," but my friend Jen from Florida assures me it could be much worse. Needless to say, we're having an "inside day," not counting the walk from the mall parking lot to the inside of the mall. We just got home from spending a nice morning there with friends, where Moses was able to get out some of his pent-up energy. He's down for his nap now and I'm off to do some sewing (fingers crossed that we don't lose power). Happy Friday everyone!


Jen Mc. said...

It is truly a Great Mall on days like this, isn't it!! Also great weather for blogging, label making and crafting! People in Seattle would be seriously laughing at us right now...(and was the mattress technically yours, or did this addition blow onto your property? After Hurricane Andrew in Miami we found a hammer, I think, that had blown onto our property!). Who knew that storms equalled free stuff?

sweetbeans said...

Hope you all are doing OK...yikes!

Mandi said...

Whoa! Those must be some SERIOUS winds! But hey, a mattress in the middle of the yard is pretty convenient ;-) Stay safe!