Monday, June 23, 2008

Curtains on a Budget

I've been putting off getting rid of our terrible vertical blinds every since we moved in here - almost 8 years. I hated those blinds, but every time I went curtain shopping I was so appalled at the price for ONE curtain, let alone two, that I just gave up. I made several half-hearted attempts at the fabric store, but upon discovering that purchasing the amount of fabric needed would cost just as much as buying pre-made curtains, I gave up on that too. But then my super creative mother-in-law suggested using sheets - such a great idea! I bought a King sized flat sheet at Target for $15, and it was super easy to turn it into a curtain. I added a bit of decorative stitching and appliqued on some flowers to jazz it up a bit, and I love how it turned out. I can't believe I lived so long with those ugly blinds!!!
Oh, and before I forget, AyuMills over at the Pink Penguin has tagged me, so I'll give you a quick few random facts about myself. (Although it would be much more interesting for you to just go on over to her blog, which is full of great project ideas and links to fun patterns and shops!)

1.) I once lived an entire week with a huge frog in my house because I was too afraid to catch it and put it outside. Pretty pathetic for a farm girl.

2.) I am obsessed with collecting change and putting it in those paper change-roller things.

3.) I have a Master's Degree in counseling psychology which I wonder if I will ever use...

4.) I once got hives from eating too many jelly beans.

... I can't think of anything else. :) Thanks for tagging me!


Lauren said...

SO funny about the frog. I had a similar experience when I was singing a gig in Ohio...I had to go get one of the manly singers to rescue it/me. yuck.

ayumills said...

Your list is really interesting! The first one made me laugh a lot!! A huge frog?! I probably would do the same thing!

Amy Q. said...

you use your counseling degree everyday as a wife and mother!!!