Friday, June 13, 2008

I Couldn't Help Myself

I know, I know. I should be washing my windows (ref. previous post...), but in light of Father's Day this Sunday, I just had to share a quick my-husband-is-a-great-dad story with you.

Every night last week as we were putting Moses to bed, he asked either Brett or myself to sing him the "butterfly song." We had no idea what he was asking for, and he was unable to sing it for us. He just had it in his head that there MUST be a song about a butterfly and since we are the parents we must know it. So each night one of us would mumble a few words about a butterfly to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or something to that effect and kiss him goodnight.

Well, the other morning I sat down at the computer and noticed a freshly printed piece of paper. It was entitled "The Butterfly Song - for Moses." Here's a quick snippet:

so that little caterpillar ate and ate
until he wasn't so little any more
with a full full tummy
he made a mummy
called a cocoon
and he slept and slept for many moons
then one sunny day
he poked his head outside
and realized he was a butterfly
so he stretched his colorful wings
and shook off the last cocoon strings
and that butterfly flew
and before he knew it he was high in the sky

It actually took me a few seconds to realize what had happened: My testosterone filled, tractor driving, dirt-under-his-fingernails husband who thinks lotion should be washed off with soap after being applied had composed an official butterfly song for our son. It was quite possibly one of my favorite moments of being married to him.

So now every night we sing Moses the REAL butterfly song. I still have to read it off the piece of paper because it's pretty involved, but Moses has it memorized. The other day I caught him singing it to his teddy bear. And THAT'S why my husband will be getting a special breakfast, lots of presents and a hand-scribbled card on Sunday. We love you Brett!!!


pam said...

Oh my! What a guy you have there! It's always the "tough guys" that surprise us! Mine prefers to clean my kitchen. I'm ok with that. :-)

Lauren said...

What a wonderful man!!! Happy Father's Day, Brett.

Jen Mc. said...

So awesome...a family of great writers!!! (Plus, Brett wins the "McCarthys' Nicest Person on the Planet" award for helping us SO much this week! You should have SEEN the transformation taking place!!). Can't wait for the Thank You! dinner.