Monday, October 27, 2008

Street Smarts

A few weeks ago I was driving "down the hill" to run some errands with Moses the chatterbox in his car seat. We passed the above sign and he announced "Mom - that sign says 'Watch out for deer!'"
"That's right, honey!" I said, impressed that he had figured this out on his own.

We then passed this sign, and Moses immediately shouted "And that sign says 'Watch out for horses!'"
"Great job, Moses! You sure are smart" said his proud mommy.
We continued driving for a few miles and passed this sign:

A confident little voice in the back seat piped up again: "And that sign says 'Watch out for letters!'"

Aren't kids great? :)

1 comment:

emgray said...

ADORABLE! You are so good about documenting his cute comments. I wish I had been with mine.