Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Today is the day Titus was supposed to have born. Instead we've had the little guy with us for a month. I'm so grateful and amazed by how healthy and perfect he is - not to mention thrilled that I haven't had to be pregnant for the last month! Hiking through the Christmas tree farm a few days ago with a tiny baby bundle strapped to my front, I found myself imagining having to do the tree thing while 9-months pregnant, and I almost clicked my non-swollen ankles together with joy. I have to say that I do not do pregnancy well and it is a relief to have received our little night-time-screaming Christmas present early.
Getting the tree was loads of fun, as usual. Moses loved running between the trees and ended the day covered in sap and candy cane residue. The house feels super festive with a tree in it and I'm getting inspired to start holiday baking. Of course, first there is a very important three-year-old birthday party to host, so I can't go 100% Christmassy until we figure out how to entertain 30 toddlers at our tiny house in the dead of winter. Any suggested activities for a "camping party" would be much appreciated!


emgray said...

30 toddlers?! Good luck with that! As always, I love your stories and photos. Have fun decorating that tree.

Jen Mc. said...

Seriously, all you need is a tent for kids to sneak into, hot choc, and marshmallows. Kid HEAVEN! Great idea!!!