Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Made Fig Newtons

I can't take any credit for these - our neighbor made them from freshly picked figs and they are phenomenal! She also gave me an extra jar of the fig filling, so I'll be cooking up some of my own soon. It's actually pretty simple: Just cook down a pot of peeled and chopped figs along with some honey and chopped walnuts. You want it to reach the consistency of really thick jam. Then make a basic sugar cookie dough, chill, and roll out into a rectangle. Place the fig filling (you want it to be warm so that the cookies cook correctly) in the middle and roll the dough up around it, forming a log and pinching the ends shut. Bake just like that according to the dough recipe and cut into cookies after they cool. Yum! The perfect fall cookie.

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Jen Mc. said...

Oooh, yumm! And this reminds me that so many fun fall foods are right around the corner...yay for NOT HOT weather!!