Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indian Summer

Just when I get antsy for a good ol' sweater and jeans, it gets super hot around here. One of the perks of California, I suppose, though I'm always ready to be done with summer by the time September rolls around. We've been making the best of the heat, though, with lots of afternoons on the shady lawn and running through the sprinkler. Who doesn't love a good run through the sprinkler? (Answer: Titus. He was pretty insulted by the whole thing, poor kid.)

This morning I was able to rescue some of my millions of scraps from the scrap drawer and work them into a little quilt. I think I'll call it Indian Summer - the colors remind me of this time of year. The tiny pieces in the last photo were too small to save. It was sad throwing them away, but I did my best. I always feel so resourceful when I use up scraps.

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