Thursday, November 5, 2009


A lot has been happening around here, including our first real bout of sickness for the season. (No, don't worry, we didn't get THAT.) We're also entering birthday season - Titus and I get to celebrate next week. I can't believe it's already been a year since I celebrated my 28th birthday by coming home from the hospital with a tiny baby boy. Pretty crazy.

As for the shop, I've signed up to do another craft show (and if you remember my last experience with craft shows, you probably think I'm crazy. I know my husband does.) so I'm sewing whenever I get a free moment and buying lots of new fabrics. Here's the stack that is currently cheering me up - a new play mat and a bunch of darling fabrics from this excellent fabric store. I'm off to work on another play mat - just wanted to do a quick update. Lately blogging is like working out - if I go longer than a week without doing it I might just throw in the towel. :)


emgray said...

Glad it wasn't "that" and everyone is better for bday week! Have a very happy birthday!!

Renee said...

What craft show are you doing? When, where? I hope it goes well:) I'm doing my first one at the high school... If I get anything sewn!!