Monday, November 16, 2009


Some things are just easier to photograph. I'm always struggling to find the right light, fold things the right way, decide whether to edit out the background or use a natural background... Some day I will take a photography class. In the mean time, my favorite thing to take pictures of in the shop are the play mats. They always look good for some reason.

Tonight I have big plans - piece and make four sets of coasters as well as the binding for a quilt which also needs to be attached to the quilt. This craft show is making me crazy - I don't know how people ever do more than one per year!


Suzanne said...

Your play mats are so cute! I do so love them. I will try not to cry as I type this, but we lost ours... It fell off of the stroller somewhere and I haven't been able to find it. I checked all over: the pool, the movie theater, the church... all the places we went all summer. That playmat got us through two family vacations and one crazy summer. I'm saving for another one. They are perfect!!

Daniel Linsenbardt said...

The thumbnail photo for my RSS feed of this blog looks like a cartoon monster.