Monday, November 9, 2009

I love these little dudes.

Now that we are all healthy, things are back to the usual silly routine. There has been a lot of refrigerator magnet action lately, as well as a very long stint with the marble track this morning. The little guy spent an hour clutching one potentially deadly marble in each hand, all the while looking sideways at me while he tried to surreptitiously jam them into his mouth. He eventually realized he couldn't out-sneak me or charm me into allowing him to gulp down even one (and boy did he try, with that cute little grin. Man.), and he settled for the occasional quick lick of the orange marble, which seems to be his favorite. Just to appease me, he would make a very unconvincing face of disgust and say "eeeugh" after each lick, which didn't fool me at all. Very entertaining and totally worth the non-showered look I rocked all day.

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Suzanne said...

At least your little guy pretends to think things are disgusting. Just to annoy and worry me more, my little guy pretends everything is the most delicious thing he's ever had (like the sales tag I am now pulling from his mouth... not even kidding). Your boys are so adorable, and that picture is totally frame-worthy.