Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahhhh... Twainie

Man, do we love Twain Harte. This time we spent the weekend at our friends' cabin which they are almost done renovating. I unsuccessfully tried to take some artsy inside photos to show you just how fantastic this place is, but due to a very sick 1 year old and pretty shoddy camera skills they all turned out terrible. So you'll just have to take my word for it - this place is gorgeous. The kitchen is just about the most wonderful place I've ever been. Jordan is a contractor and his wife Jenny has that eye for decorating that I've always envied. Very modern-cabinish. (Yes, that is totally a decorating style.)

The big boys went on various adventures leaving sick Titus and I at the cabin for most of the time. I was reminded of that fact that my own mom rarely came with my dad and us older kids when we had adventures - now I know it was probably because she was at home with one of the littler ones, administering Tylenol and reading books. But it all turned out great - I got some fun outside time with the little guy, a 2 hour nap (!), and it was a lovely, relaxing, beautiful weekend with great friends.

AND, I would love to find the inventor of both the Apple Cinnamon Cheerio and the snack trap and kiss that person square on the mouth. It is a no-fail combination that really does wonders for us non-dvd-player folks on long drives. (Doesn't this picture look like something from the 70's?)

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