Monday, March 1, 2010

Shark Fishing!

Well, it actually happened: my four year old son went shark fishing. In the ocean. The amazing part was not that he and daddy went, because the opportunity to go fishing with our friend who has a commercial fishing license has been available for a long time. The miracle is that I allowed them to go. I, who have nightmares about being eaten by sharks or other unknown deep-sea-dwelling creatures on a weekly basis, allowed my child to be placed on a vessel in the middle of the ocean and reel these beasts up from the depths. (Dramatic enough for you?) I was a nervous wreck the entire time they were gone, and matters weren't helped at all when I read that there was a "tsunami alert" for the entire west coast due to the Chilean earthquake. Of course, the one day in his life that my son is on the sea is the one day that there is a plausible chance of being drowned by a freak wave.

With all that said, I am SO glad I let them go. Number one highlight: nobody drowned or was eaten. Also, they had such a good time and Moses caught a bat ray (which is on its way to a zoo in Phoenix). He was thrilled with the entire experience and I'm glad I didn't let my fears get in the way of him making such a wonderful memory. Isn't is so hard being a mom?


Jen Mc. said...

Moses caught a bat ray?! Now that right there is the contrast between how a mama and a dad would write about that story...(Is it the headline on Brett's blog?).

What a super fun guy day!

PJ said...

He looks sooo happy! I'm glad you let him go :) It IS hard being a mom ... the ultimate test of our will vs. His will.

Heather said...

Did Brett blog about the fishing trip? Must catch up on my hubby's writing... You're right Jen, thank goodness for mellow dads who make up for stressed out moms!

Well put Pamela, our will vs. His will. SCARY!

emgray said...

How incredible! Equally impressive is that you got a man to take along a camera and then actually use it.

Heather said...

HA! Very funny Mary - I was pretty impressed myself, though I have to admit there were a few threats involved in convincing him to 1: take the camera 2: use it 3: take pictures of actual PEOPLE.