Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ah... freshly washed eggs

Did you know that somebody had to wash poop off that gleaming batch of 12 eggs sitting in your fridge? Well, they did, and I guarantee they did not enjoy the process. We have to do the same every time we collect eggs from my dad's hens and it is downright gross. However, the difference in taste between fresh farm eggs and store-bought is absolutely worth it. Here is our latest batch - now that there are more hours of daylight the hens are back in "production mode," so we are getting about 8 eggs per day. (In the winter they shut down a bit and we're lucky to get one egg each day.) These haven't been dyed, either - that's the way they come out. Pretty beautiful!

I did buy a dozen eggs at the store this week since we want to dye some for Easter and our pre-colored eggs don't work for that type of thing. Which led me to FINALLY learn how to hard-boil an egg the correct way. Up to now I would leave the eggs in a boiling pot of water and occasionally spear one with a knife, hoping raw yolk wouldn't pour out of the hole into the bubbling water. If this didn't happen I would leave them on for a few more minutes just to make sure, then remove them from the heat. Hm. Apparently I have been doing it wrong for a long time. The whole process is much easier according to this helpful article, and this time I boiled all our eggs without incurring any steam burns. They are cooling off right now and set to be dyed tomorrow. I love Easter crafts, don't you?

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