Thursday, May 13, 2010


You'll have to forgive me for posting weird-looking pictures, but I had to photograph this play mat in the morning, and that always results in funny looking blankets. It doesn't look funny in real life - it's actually really cute!

I didn't know how to appliqué until last winter when my Grandma sent me home from Montana with her old 50 pound Bernina sewing machine. Right there in the instruction manual were step-by-step instructions on how to machine appliqué! I always feel like something made up of squares and rectangles could benefit from a few circles, and now I can actually make that happen! I'm working on a few more play mats for the shop - they are one of my favorite things to make AND take pictures of. There is also a baby quilt in the works with a lot of circle appliqués on it. It is in my pile of "things to finish..."


Jess said...

NICE Heather!! I'll have to ask you lots of anoying questions one of these days about the art of appliqueing!

Suzanne said...

love, love, LOVE those colors. =)