Sunday, May 16, 2010

That was nice

We had a wonderful weekend - I hope you did too! On Saturday Brett smoked some trout that his dad caught in Lake Tahoe. It was delicious! We ate it for dinner on crackers with goat cheese and capers. It felt like we were on vacation or at a party or something. Funny how such a simple meal could feel so luxurious.
Moses ate SO much food and it was one of the only meals of his life that I didn't have to remind him to take bites, chew, etc. I even got him to eat the capers by telling him they were "little salt bombs." Dessert was cherries. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies. :) We're not THAT healthy. Happy start-to-a-new week!

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Suzanne said...

Totally yummy, except for the capers. I can't do them. They're on my short list of things that make me gag. But mmmm, fresh trout. Yummers.