Thursday, May 20, 2010

How (not) to get your kids to like vegetables:

Me: "Moses, if you keep picking out all the mushrooms and having that bad attitude, you are going to get in trouble."

Moses (after pausing to think this over): "What if I pick out the mushrooms and have a GOOD attitude?

Me (after laughing uproariously): "Ok, you can pick out the big ones. But ONLY if you have a good attitude about it."

I couldn't help myself. It was too good ... and yes, I know mushrooms aren't vegetables.


Clive Linsenbardt said...

Pat showed me your blog Heather. Awesome job! I love the way little children think! BTW, some mushrooms can be healthier than a lot of vegetables. I am a "B" blood type, and according to Dr Peter D'Adamo in "Eat Right for Your Type" Shiitake Mushrooms are on my highly beneficial or medicine list.

Heather said...

Thanks Uncle Clive! I'm so happy you and Aunt Pat have read the blog ... and glad to hear mushrooms are so good for you. We eat tons of them (much to Moses' dismay...).

Earth Muffin said...

As, I miss my little best friend! Although, I hope he's found a suitable replacement by now. I have such fun reading your blog Heather (found it through Cindy's). Hope everyone is stellar.