Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Popcorn, and a failed kid's project

We have had popcorn on the brain around here lately, because my dad just harvested his popcorn. Isn't it beautiful? Popcorn is a very low-stress crop because you basically grow it until it dies, then you let it sit and dry out in the field for a while, then hack down the stalks and bring it in. He grew about 8 different varieties, each one a different shape and color. There is black popcorn, pink popcorn, deep red, brown, silvery grey, and light yellow. I love it and so do my boys.SO, yesterday I decided to do a Christmas project I've been wanting to do for a long time: make popcorn garlands. Very old-timey and economical, given how much popcorn we have laying around. I figured Moses is old enough now to wield a needle on his own, and my friend Jen gave me some lovely red and white twine, so I popped us up some popcorn (after burning the first batch, of course), and we set to work.

It is very hard to make a popcorn garland. I think one out of every ten piece went onto the string without exploding into a million tiny pieces of white fluff. Moses jabbed himself in the hand more times than I care to remember, and the whole project turned into a huge frustrating mess. After telling him I would finish the garland on my own, I managed to save the moment with a little butter and cinnamon sugar:

I think popcorn is much better eaten than strung on something and my boys seemed to agree - I think they each ate their weight in it. In summary: do not make a popcorn garland, either on your own or with your children. Now I know. :) (Thanks for the twine Jen!)

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Jen Mc. said...

Very funny! I'm impressed you even tried. Maybe just super glue it to something next year. :)