Monday, March 21, 2011

Contemporary Jewish Museum

A couple weeks ago, my in-laws took the boys and me on a very cultured trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. The highlight: "Georgie!" (Titus loves George. He regularly absconds with Moses' George blanket and sleeps with it and as many George books as he can sneak into his bed.) Here are the boys standing in front of the museum, which is closed. Luckily, Golden Gate park is just a short drive away, so we had no problem filling in our accidental extra two hours.

When we returned to the museum, wet and sandy from the playground in the rain, we visited the exhibit about Margaret and H.A. Rey, the authors and illustrators of Curious George. It was beautifully done! I would have NEVER taken my 5 and 2 year olds to a museum if my mother-in-law hadn't insisted that it was kid-friendly, and she was definitely right. There was a very cool interactive touch-screen time line of the Rey's escape from the Nazis that was tactfully done so as not to traumatize young children. Did you know that at one point they traveled by night on bicycles that he built from pieced-together bits of metal? Pretty incredible. We learned a lot, had tons of fun, and one of us had a very nice nap on the way home. A great day (and I didn't even have to drive) - thanks Gail and Steve!

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