Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apologies and Excuses

Yikes - is it actually July!?!? So sorry for my long absence. I've been here in spirit (and if you have a blog you know what I mean - everything that happens becomes a "that would be a great post" moment or an "I wish I had my camera because that would be perfect for the blog" scenario). But summer and farm activities have been filling up every spare moment. These hot dry days the garden needs to be watered at least twice daily, and weeds are threatening to take over new seedlings while mature plants need to be harvested and made into some sort of dish that people will eat. I have an abundance of lettuce which is nice, but BOY is it a pain to wash loads of dirt and bugs off lettuce!

There are also all sorts of shenanigans that needs doing - the latest of which involves the zipline and resident criminal Bentley The Dog (I know, I promised, but look at that sweet face. Could you get rid of him?). Also in the mix are legos, sprinklers, squirt guns, sewing, riding various new bikes and scooters, catching this year's newest batch of baby frogs, learning to bake gluten free food, feeding and watering (and trying to tame) the ever growing baby chicks ... the list of distractions is endless. Poor blog.

Hopefully your summer is going just as well as ours is!

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Anonymous said...

You ARE busy! I still see you jogging with the boys down Piedmont every now and then too. If you hear a gray mini-van honking at ya, it's just me and the kids!! Enjoy your fun filled summer. ~emgray