Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Model-A Adventure

A few weeks ago my brother and sister-in-law came to town and arranged for her dad to take my kids and I on a Model-A Adventure. Cindy's dad collects and restores Model-A's and has quite a beautiful award-winning collection. But that is not what we were off to see. We were off to see "The Coyote," a cut down, trashed Model-A with couch cushions for seats and a sheet of plywood to sit on in the back. It was awesome! Bill (can I call him my father-in-law-in-law?) tried to teach me how to drive a double clutch (still have no idea what that even is, which should tell you how my driving went) and was so wonderful about letting both boys drive (on Uncle Daniel's lap, of course) and not caring about us stripping the gears or whatever happens when you drive a double-clutch the wrong way. He kept insisting that "you can't hurt the coyote," and that certainly seemed to be true as we crashed along across the bumpy field that had recently been harvested for wheat.

Both my boys had a blast, and Titus was in some state of silent euphoria almost the entire time. As we bounced along on our plywood seat, I would occasionally ask him if he was having fun, and his responses was always "uh-HUH!" He is obsessed with cars and his sweet little heart almost burst with joy when he saw this:

We spent the last hour touring Bill's shiny collection of cars, but Titus would not leave this car's side. Bill let him go inside, and Titus spent an entire hour buckling and unbuckling his seat belt and talking to Chatters, the little chipmunk puppet that lives in the back seat. It was adorable.

Moses got to pedal around on Cindy's old John Deer tractor bike, and Bill sent me home with two bottle of Cilker olive oil (basically liquid gold) and a bale of raw cotton. How cool is that?!?! All three of us were in heaven. Thanks, Bill and Cindy, for a wonderful Model-A Adventure!

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Anonymous said...

oh, i love these pictures!!!! they bring back memories of when Cindy and her cousins would play on/in the cars, and Bill would teach them to drive....way before they were 16! Her 16th birthday party was: having her friends learn to drive the coyote, and then pizza! best party ever!