Monday, August 22, 2011

Hexagon Flowers

Here is my hexagon progress to date. You are looking at 11 hexie flowers - only 106 to go! I made a lot of progress on our road trip, sewing hexagons until my little box got too full, then switching over to attaching them into flowers. As you can see, there isn't really a rhyme or reason to my color scheme. I'm just using fabrics that I like and planning on anchoring them with the occasional white hexagon throughout as well as white around the outside border. Everything I make ends up pretty bright and in violation of color rules, but I like things that way.

Our TV broke yesterday, which has been a blessing in disguise. Last night I worked on some hexie flowers while listening to Harry Potter cd's - bliss! Looking forward to doing more of the same tonight, as the hubbie has a few outside projects he's been working on after the kids go to bed.

This is my view beyond the little hexie photo shoot I set up. Here in bloggy land I tend to crop out the most important part of pictures, so I decided to give you a glimpse of reality. I'd like to find whoever invented Legos and kiss them on the mouth. :)

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Jess said...

Beautiful Heather!