Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last night I blocked off all 49 squares of my "vintage fabrics" quilt (is is called "blocking off"? I'm never sure if I've got the terms right since I kind of collected all my quilting skills haphazardly.) It was a nightmare! These 49 squares were the first I ever made, and I cut all the little pieces out with scissors, so things were pretty wonky. Hopefully all that hard work pays off and I'm able to attach them fairly easily.

When I got the bag of squares out of my sewing cupboard, I was not at all excited to work on this quilt. Like I said before, this is a bit too traditional for my style, and the fabrics aren't my favorite, either. Too many browns... However, once I started working on them, I feel back in love with this quilt. I started recognizing the fabrics - a little triangle from the dress I sewed with my mom, a bit of fabric left over from the throw covers in my Grandma's living room, a tiny duckling print that my Grandma used to make me a Christmas ornament. I realized that in using fabrics that were just lying around, I accidentally preserved a bit of my family's history, and that makes this quilt VERY special. The above square is my favorite - I love all the non-matchy bright colors.

We're newly home from a road trip to Oregon. I'm hoping to get some pictures from the trip ready to show you, but you know how I am with things I'm "hoping" to do... As you can see from those cute faces, we had all kinds of crazy underwear-on-the-head fun. It's nice to be home and back to my sewing machine. I made some progress on the hexagon quilt as well - those pictures are coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

welcome home! i love those blues!!! and...i want to see the hand quilt you started....and i would like to bring a package of wedding pix left over from C and D wedding for you to choose from. Call me! (and I will try to call you, too!)