Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back from So-Cal

Our trip down south (and, might I mention, our first real trip anywhere in the last 3 years) was a huge success. Traveling with a toddler who has an early bedtime made us rethink our usual stay-in-a-junky-hotel-because-we'll-only-be-there-to-sleep strategy, so we shelled out a bit more cash to stay in nicer two-room suites. And MAN, was it worth it! We lead a pretty humble existence up here on the farm - we only have one bedroom (yes, the 2 year old shares a room with us), don't have cable, and do what needs to be done to fit three people's schedules into one bathroom. So imagine our collective joy when we entered our first hotel room in Santa Barbara: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, large kitchen, and a flat screen TV with CABLE!!! Holy cow - if the beach hadn't been 100 feet away I think we may have just locked ourselves in there for a week.
The great thing about Santa Barbara is that you can pretty much walk anywhere you need to go. We walked to the beach and Moses got to fulfill his long-time dream of "putting his tummy in the sand," then walked up the road to dinner. It was great. 
The whole point of our trip, however, was not to stay in luxurious hotels, but to attend my brother Daniel's graduation from San Diego State University. So we continued on to San Diego and managed to fit in a trip to the zoo (in the rain, incidentally, but it was still fun) before the ceremony. Daniel hadn't told us this, but he was graduating not only with honors, but as the "most outstanding student" in the philosophy department, so instead of sitting amidst the sea of other graduates, he was up on stage with the faculty. That was really cool and we're totally proud of him. And, except for screaming out "PENIS" in the middle of the ceremony (he was explaining what would eventually happen to the crackers he was eating - you can figure it out), Moses did really well through the entire thing. The whole trip was a success and a much-needed break from daily life. It's nice to be back - lots of laundry and cleaning up to be done, no more Discovery channel, and back to sharing the room with a toddler, but it's still home. :)


matteopotato said...

How philosophical of Moses! ;)

Great photos- it looks like you guys enjoyed your well-deserved break!

Lauren said...

Sounds awesome! I know, it's sad, but I totally miss cable TV.