Friday, May 9, 2008

Pretty Things

Well, the new computer is up and running, but I have NO idea how to work a Mac, so I apologize ahead of time if this post is a bit weird. We bought a Mac mini (when you live in a small house, anything with the word "mini" in it sounds appealing) and I am quickly realizing it is NOTHING like a PC. How in the heck do I highlight text? And why does everything on the screen have a purple tinge to it? Hmm... anyways, since I still have no photo editing software on here, I decided to post some pics of pretty things I've recently found on etsy. This beautiful "ranunculus" photo is by dsbrennan - SO perfect for spring! She has lots of other beautiful photographs in her shop.

And I am totally loving this clutch by rikrak - it's made from recycled vintage fabric, as are most of the items in her creative and colorful shop. 

I've been eyeing this sweatshirt from Rose LaBiche for a while. Such a pretty take on the typical hoodie, don't you think? 

And that's my virtual shopping for today. It's probably a good thing I can't get this computer to work or I may have just emptied my paypal account after looking through all my etsy favorites. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


matteopotato said...

I am deathly scared of Macs. I know they're supposed to be so "intuitive" but there was one at the school I used to teach at and I literally could not figure out how to turn it on. After searching the whole machine for 15 minutes, I finally had to go ask someone where the little button was.

Cute etsy finds! You should totally get that sweatshirt.

Lauren said...

Love that hoodie...and I also love rikrak designs. They have super cute things.

Diana said...

Thanks for the feature, just found your blog. You've got great taste :-)